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Welcome to the Real Estate Investor Referral Network, a platform for real estate agents and brokers to connect with investors

This membership organization was established to share areas of investment opportunities – Regional Snapshots with investors who are looking to hone their portfolio.

Working directly with real estate professionals in local markets will help develop a collaborative approach to the Investment Industry.

We look forward to working with you in this exciting industry. Investing in Real Estate has always been a foundation to wealth. Collectively, we will build a national platform that will further that mission.

Our entire Team at the REI Referral Network looks forward to working with you.

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Connect with Investors looking to add your local market to their investment portfolio

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Promote your local expertise to engage with real estate professionals for referrals

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Approaching real estate investing by first establishing your why, how, time and then learning all you can, will help you to enter the market with your eyes open and achieve not only better financial returns but also better emotional returns because your investments will be based on what makes sense for you.

Tami Bonnell
CEO, EXIT Realty Corp. International