About Us

REI Referral Network

Real Estate Investor Referral Network is a membership organization developed to help facilitate relationships between Agent and Brokers who are experts in their local markets with Real Estate Investors who are looking for partners to assist with their portfolio engagements. These engagements will support their acquisition and disposition initiatives, helping to better serve their real estate interests.

Every week, REI INK magazine will highlight a local market in their newsletter, providing a Regional Snapshot of valuation, rental performance, Cap Rate and other pertinent information utilized in portfolio analysis for the Real Estate Investment arena.

REI INK will work with our members to capture local intel beneficial to an investor’s asset consideration. We will provide a collective approach for the development of these partnerships, helping to engage with the service providers who can assist in the management of portfolio initiatives.

We welcome you to our family of investment services, and look forward to working with you as you expand your business partnerships supporting the evolving nature of Real Estate Investing.