About Us

For Service Providers

We have developed this membership organization to provide access to our network of real estate agents and brokers as well as the national investor audience. We believe you can assist our members with the management of their asset and portfolio engagements. The services you offer will help deliver acquisition and disposition initiatives that will help our audience meet and exceed their portfolio ROI projections.

We encourage you to explore our membership and help develop solutions to assist in their management objectives. From funding, insurance and risk management, valuation, property management and rehab, inspection, title and the many other services necessary for portfolio management, we welcome your industry knowledge and support of our members.

We look forward to working with you in this exciting industry. Investing in Real Estate has always been a foundation to wealth. Collectively, we will build a national platform that will further that mission.

Our entire Team at the REI Referral Network looks forward to working with you.