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For Investors

Welcome to the REI Referral Network. We invite Real Estate Investors to join our platform. It has become increasingly more difficult to source assets that will perform to your required investment metrics. Our network of real estate agents and brokers are well versed in the business of real estate, and are fluent in the criteria investors use to analyze their asset acquisition and disposition strategies.

We developed this network to help share how regional markets are performing and deliver localized information that will provide criteria to help you expand your portfolio. We understand the investor arena, and believe our members will help you develop strategies to meet and exceed your ROI projections.

As an investor, you have 2 levels of engagement. You may explore our membership incognito, allowing you to peruse the audience, and select those professionals that support your business objectives. This will limit the contact you receive from the membership. You may also remove your incognito status, should you wish to establish multiple communication opportunities. You may also list your markets of interest, which will help the agents and brokers more accurately pursue information that is well aligned with your portfolio performance.

We believe the real estate professionals are the key to the continued growth of the evolving investment industry. Every week REI INK will highlight a Regional Spotlight submitted by our real estate professionals in the REI INK newsletter, sharing the market intel with our national readership. You may also SUBSCRIBE to our monthly magazine REI INK, the written word of the real estate investment market. Please visit www.REI-INK.com to see our magazine and newsletter information.